Softball (10v10 Men) – Monday – Moakley Park (South Boston) – May 2023

Mar 14, 2023
Stuff in South Boston

Moakley Park is Volo’s hub for softball! With 20+ teams playing every night the fun doesn’t stop at the field. Be sure to head to your sponsor bar for beers with your teammates!

10v10 Men’s Softball League – Wood bat with clincher ball*

Minimum for a full team is 13 players 

Need at least 7 players for an official game 

10 players on field 

Gloves are not provided. Please bring your own. 

Skip dates: 5/29

Depending on the number of teams it’s possible for teams to have byes or doubleheaders. All teams will get 6 regular season games. If teams do not follow our forfeit policy they will be DQ’d from the playoffs. Please see our rules for our forfeit policy.

*A clincher ball is the same size as a regular softball. It has a softer core so the games don’t become home run derby. 

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